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Felicia David


Felicia David is Managing Director of the Company. She has worked as Insurance Broker and Insurance Underwriter/Claims Managers for 28years. She started her career in the defunct Lombard Insurance Co. in the year 1992 as a Claims Assistant Superintendent from where she moved to Glanvill Enthoven & Co. (Insurance Brokers) in 1994 where she worked for 15 years servicing Construction and Engineering customers, the Asian related businesses and finally a section of the indigenous Commercial manufacturers before proceeding to work for FBN Insurance Brokers (a subsidiary of First Bank Plc) as Assistant Head of Technical in the year 2009. She worked there for 4 years before moving to Wapic Insurance Plc as Group Head, Claims and further Deputized for the Executive Director Technical Department of the same organization before proceeding to work for Alliance and General Insurance Plc in the year 2017 as the Chief Technical Officer(General Business) with an added oversight function as the Chief Risk Officer of the organization. She is happily married and blessed with children.

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