It covers unforeseen and sudden physical loss of or damage to plant, Machinery and Mechanical Equipment

at work, at rest or during maintenance operations, lack of skill, carelessness, shortage of water in boilers, explosion, tearing apart on account of centrifugal force, short circuit, storm or other cause not specifically excluded. Machinery insurance is important for everyone who operates Machinery i.e both large and small enterprises where a Machinery failure may have serious financial and economic consequence. All types of Machinery, plants, Mechanical Equipment and Apparatus are covered. Examples are power generating plants (Boilers, Turbines, and Generators), power Distribution Plants (Transformers, High & Low Tension equipment), Production Machinery in Factories and Ancillary equipment like Elevators etc

This insurance is important for everyone who operates the machines. This policy should support our property insurance and hence this insurance must not be granted on a stand- alone basis.

Comprehensive Insurance (Private Motor) Scope of Cover?

It depends where you live, but standard homeowners insurance policies will typically help pay to repair damage caused by certain risks, or perils, including:
Own damage Section: Covers damage, fire or theft of the insured vehicle
Third Party Section: Cover legal liability of the insured arising from property damage, bodily injury or death to third parties.
Medical Expenses: Cost of medical bills incurred by the insured as a result of injuries sustained
Falling objects
Frozen plumbing
Water damage from plumbing, water heater, heating or cooling system or appliance.

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