Fire Insurance

This policy covers loss of or material damage to premises/property like Buildings and or Contents caused by Fire, Lighting and Explosion including damage or loss arising from Special perils of Flood, Earth quake, Tornado,Impact,Riot & Strike, Malicious damage Burst Pipe, Aircraft damage, Bush Fire, Storm etc. The cover is for both Private dwelling and Business premises.

Consequential Loss Policy: This cover loss of Gross profit, Wages and Auditors Fees Following loss of or damage to Insured’s premises/property caused by Fire & special perils. Fire is the actual ignition of something which ought not to be on fire. Fire must be fortuitous, accidental and unexpected.


Standard fire policy cover:   

Fire or otherwise nor resulting from earthquake, building undergoing heating process, its own spontaneous fermentation or combustion.
Lightening resulting in fire.
Explosion of domestic boiler

Note: Combustion damage occurs when there is an explosion and no fire.

Premium Rating:

Residential Premises: - 0.225% of value
Commercial Premises: - 0.3% - 0.35 above
fire policy A and G

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