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Investment Linked Policy

Investment Linked Policy is carefully designed to meet the needs of average Nigerians by providing Quick Investment Returns, Protection, Emergency Needs and Capital to start…

A&G Savings Assurance

The policy provides for the payment of a lump sum to the policyholder to meet specific future investment needs-such as acquiring a landed property, building…

A&G School Fees Assurance Plan

This product designed to meet the aspirations of parents and guardians who desire to lay solid and quality educational foundation for their children and wards…

A&G Anti Inflation Plan

The Anti-Inflation Policy is a 15-year Endowment that provides protection, savings emergency and investment with guaranteed bonus.

A&G 150% Payment Plan

With A & G 150% payment plan you can enjoy the guaranteed sum assured through our three installments payments whilst the policy holder is living…

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